Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Week 8 - Week 12

Week 8 – Week 12
Well what an adventurous and eventful period of time. My parents had just left for a 7 week ‘once in a lifetime’ trip in Europe and Africa, and I also endured one of the most painful and hard experiences of my life. On Monday the 13th September (first day back after mid semester break), while at uni, my lung collapsed technically called a 'pneumothorax'. 8 days, 2 operations (pleurodisis), 2 chest tubes, 2 hospitals, a few tears (I’ll admit it) and lots of drugs later I left hospital. Only to return 3 weeks later with an infection somewhere around my heart and other lung. 2 days later I left hospital AGAIN.

Now I could lie and do entries in my blog saying that I did exercises and researched things etc but I’m just going to be honest and admit the truth that from week 8 to the start of week 12 a didn’t look at one bit of uni work.

So whoever reads this I am not looking for sympathy or trying to make a dramatic excuse I just thought it would be easier to explain the situation for what it was.

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