Saturday, August 28, 2010

Draft Poster & Text

500 Word Text:
His name is Quaddson, and he is as tough as nails, he has to be, he doesn’t have much choice. Quaddson, a dirty, over-used 7 year old quad bike, who lives in the back corner of a car scrap yard. Having been deemed, ‘not fast or new enough’ by his teenage owner Quaddson found himself found himself on the scrap pile ready to be thrown out. Then one day he was picked up by a bald, overweight man, put on the back of a truck and brought to the place he now calls home.

There is not much in the way of food and shelter so he must fend for himself. He has managed to make a home out of an empty petrol barrel. It’s not the best home for him but at least it’s something. It provides him with the essentials of what he needs which is shelter from the rain (so he doesn’t rust) and keeps him hidden from the rowdy teenage kids that break in looking for a joy ride. The yard is a scary place with lots of noises and unforgiving shadows, many things have been known to enter the deep depths of the yard and not return.

Name – Quaddson.
Age – 7.
Weight – 247 lbs.
Habitat - An empty petrol barrel makes the perfect habitat. Plenty of space to move lots of dirt and grime to rub against.
Lifestyle - Enjoys particularly dirty and oily places. Spends the days using plenty and energy and power moving and racing around. He enjoys coming first and winning while he also enjoys releasing the throttle and travelling at his max speed.
Appetite - Prefers Premium Unleaded but if hungry enough will have ethanol 10% (E10).

Surrounding Habitat/Environment:
The habitat surrounding the home is very messy, typically what you would expect when visiting a scrap car yard. Empty barrels, old tyres, burnt out cars and general rubbish are everywhere. Thick dense scrubs and trees surround the compound while inside tall grasses and weeds are growing everywhere. The surrounding is meant to feel untidy and forbidding as I want to convey the feeling of loneliness and mystery.

Quaddsons’ home is essentially an old empty oil barrel. The barrel is placed on its side half secreted into the dirt. From the outside the barrel looks old and uselessbut on the inside there are spare tyres, lights to provide warmth and protection, oil marks line the floor and in the middle there is a car hoist which is what Quaddsonsleeps on.

This project consists of many different sources all used together to hopefully synthesise and effectively communicate my ideas and thoughts. The surrounding environment was created in Crysis Sandbox 2 Editor. This program was used because it is really good for creating complex environments, it is extremely easy to use and there are plenty of features available. The home environment used for the still image captions as well as the AR environment was done using 3DS max. Once again 3DS max was used because it has lots of features and options available. Also it is possible to create really good renders and use really nice textures.

Draft Design:

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